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Media Release from the City of Ithaca Regarding Public Meeting, August 5, 2014

On August 5, 2014, the City of Ithaca will hold a Public Information Session regarding an application from UnChained Properties LLC. for a Planned Unit Development(PUD). The Public Information Session will begin at 5:30 PM, in Cinemapolis Movie theatre, 120 E. Green Street, Ithaca. In accordance with the City of Ithaca PUD Application Process, the applicant and project team will present information about the project and will answer questions from the public.

The proposed Chain Works District seeks to redevelop and rehabilitate the 800,000 +/- sf former Morse Chain/Emerson Power Transmission facility, which is located on a 95-acre parcel traversing the City and Town of Ithaca’s municipal boundary. The PUD would allow the site to be developed into a mixed-use district, which includes residential, commercial, office, and manufacturing.

The site’s redevelopment would bridge South Hill and Downtown Ithaca, the Town and the City of Ithaca, by providing multiple intermodal access routes including a highly desired trail connection. The project will be completed in multiple phases over a period of several years with the initial phases of the project involving some demolition in addition to the redevelopment of the existing structures. Using the existing structures; residential, commercial, studio workspaces, and office development is proposed to be predominantly within the City of Ithaca, while manufacturing will be within both the Town and City of Ithaca. The interior of the existing complex will be retrofitted to meet code requirements for particular uses, while the intent is to rehabilitate the exterior to maintain the existing character to celebrate the complex’s industrial history.

To obtain a copy of the PUD application, contact the City of Ithaca Planning Department or email

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